Vegetarian is good

Do you like meat or salad? Vegetarian is one of eating habit for many years. Are you one of them?

Diet with fruit and salad is good for your health. There are many scientific researches already proof that vegetarian can help you to reduce fat in your body, so your body will slimmer and sexier.

Will you change your eating habit and become a truly vegetarian? If yes, you already help us to stop global warming.

Let's start a joke

What kind of jokes that can make you laugh? Is a cartoon in newspaper can make you smile?

A man with a sense of humor is a healthy man. An intelligent person can use his humor to make money. There a lot of success persons who can make money because they successful in entertainment world. Lucy Ball (Lucy Show), Charlie Chaplin, Bob Hope, Danny de Vito, etc are funny people who made a lot of money from their movie or on the stage.

In digital era another funny actors such as Robin Williams, Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean), Jim Carrey, etc also entertain us with their movie or TV series. You can find their movie on HD DVD, DVD or Blue-Ray format, so you can watch and learn how to create a joke.

In social event such as family gathering, wedding party, birth day party, a joke or a story with humor touch is very important to make those event happier. Without jokes the party will be dry. Can you imagine this situation?

Jokes or humor has many categories and related to the culture and local jokes, adult jokes, political jokes, racial jokes, black humor, etc. So, when you want to tell a funny story or a joke, please be aware to the situation and condition. Don’t make a joke about sex in the church, class room or in court of justice. They probably will laugh, but wait until you are out from that situation. Don’t make joke about racial or a joke that underestimate their ethnic, cultural or sensitive to religion.

You don’t have to be a clown to make your friend laugh. You can use other people jokes when you meet your friend or attend the party. You can make they smile because of your jokes. That’s enough. Take some time to read a magazine that contain with jokes or funny pictures. A funny cartoon or funny pictures can make people smile and laugh. You can show funny cartoon to your friends.

Sometimes we surprise when discover a funny picture, but the picture is very vulgar because contain with a nude woman and man. These kinds of pictures are forbidden in country such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Iran and other Islamic countries, but they can enjoy a nude picture from the Internet.

If you are really a funny person you can make money in movie industry. Find the information that you can attend an audition for TV show, movie or performance on the stage. As you can see, a presenter also adds some jokes to break the silence, so the audiences will relax during the presentation/show. You can add a small joke when you deliver a speech in formal event. Business presentation is not necessarily formal and cold. A small joke is very good to break the ice.

There are many formal leader or politician and business man use humor when they attend a formal occasion. All people surround feel that the leader also a human being like other people, so their speech or their presentation is not dry and cold. The audience will listen more patiently. So, you will achieve your goal because you add a little joke. More money will come? Yes, why not?


New Heroes

Believe it or not.

It’s really crazy news. We have new Heroes. USA presidential candidates: Barack Obama (A new USA President) with Joe Biden from the Democrat Party and John Mc Cain with Sarah Palin from the Republic Party are ready to take action in several movies. Major studio in Hollywood and Bollywood (India) are struggling to get a special right to make this new movie. After a long and exhausting debate, a lawyer from Indonesia succeeded to form a special agreement, so one studio from Hollywood and another one from Bollywood agreed to start a joint to shoot at least two or three movies.

Obama will perform in the movie with the working title: “From Zero to Hero” and “The Matrix Special Edition”. Keanu
Reeves rejected to join this movie without any specific reason, so Tukul (pronounces Too Cool) from Indonesia will act as Neo. John Mc Cain with Sarah Palin also acts in the same movie with a tentative title: “Wonder Heroes”. Many supporting actors from all five continents will join their movie.

George Bush also signed a contract with film producer from Iraq. They will start the shooting in Iraq, Afghanistan, Texas, Bali, Washington DC, and other exotic places in the world. Condolisa Rice also join this movie. Please take a closer look to this poster. Wow....

you wait for their movie? You can imagine how Barack Obama and John Mc Cain will act in the silver screen. You can see how Sarah Palin will give you her beautiful smile. The music and the sound track of their movie also incredible because Michael Jackson and David Foster agreed to arrange the music illustration. Rihanna and David Cook (the latest American Idol) will also sing in the movie together with Paul Potts from England (a winner of British Got Talent).

Well, if you don’t like to see their movie in theatre, you can wait until their movie gets ported to DVD or Blu-Ray, so you can watch their movie in your house with a new home theater system. The guys over at Hollywood are also planning to make HD and 3D versions for maximum enjoyment. For those who have LCD or Plasma TV with HD resolution at home, just wait until you can watch Obama stopping bullets – in 3D.

Wow… What great news in entertainment industry. We hope that we can download the soundtrack in the Internet for free. Is it possible?


New Movie Stars Wanted

Attention please...

A major studio from Hollywood will start a new movie. A new leading man already decided by the director, as you can see below. The name of the actor is closed to the public and press, so the eyes of this lucky guy covered with black mark. Can you recognize him?

The producer of the new movie still needs three ladies and two gentlemen as supporting actors. It’s a real opportunity for you to join the audition. One of your local TV will start a special audition next month. Please read newspaper tomorrow morning. Are you ready?

Are you ready to join the audition? Prepare yourself for a new life. If you are lucky you become famous and rich. I know you have a special talent.


Let's make this baby happy

Can you make this baby smile? As you can see other young guy is smiling very cute, just like you when you were happy. This baby lost his parent during the civil war in the jungle. You are so kind if you can make this poor baby smile again.

Would you like to adopt him? If yes, please contact your local adoption center.
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Act Now.


Global Warming is not funny

This picture is very funny.
Global Warming is not funny.
Let's save our planet.